My Dog is “That” Dog

My dog is “that” dog.

There is no mystery with her; she doesn’t play coy. As you come walking along with your tame dog, my dog is doing aerials while wagging her tail so hard she’s smacking her own sides.

Your dog is thinking, ‘Really? Is it a bird? Or worse, is it one of my own? Oh, I’m so embarrassed.’

My dog is the thinking, ‘I just want to jump on your face and smother you with kisses. Aren’t you so excited to be alive? Aren’t you excited to be friends?’

I get it. I’ve been that girl. I won’t smother you but sometimes I just can’t hide the excitement in connecting with a kindred soul. I have a hundred questions to ask and even more stories. And I’ve tried really hard to play it cool, wear my serious business, NYC subway face and hide the heart on my sleeve but honestly, it’s not me.

Watching this pup has made me realize, I’ve gotten very serious. I haven’t been allowing myself to find joy, laugh with my entire being or play. Walking along with her requires that I loosen up. Whether it’s a dog or a cat aged 17 or 3 months, she wants to kiss every single one. I’m watching her learn who is for her and who is nothing more than a mere butt sniff.

Before her, it would be easy to walk down the street and miss most of the people around me. She reminds me to move out into the world, connect and be myself – vulnerable, open, playful, curious. My dog is “that” dog and I am “that” owner and somehow that feels right in the world.