In 2007, Natasha Reilly decided to run an experiment to see if a weekly prompt might help artists, writers, and creative entrepreneurs stay motivated. The participants created magical work, had fun, made lifelong friends, and even sold their work. Since then Natasha has worked with many different clients on all sorts of projects, from books to artwork to multimedia exhibits.

As a writer, artist, multi-passionate creative and poet of play, Natasha loves to create magic with private clients and businesses both online and in person. Using creative writing, photography and multi-medium art-making techniques, her goal is to serve as a guide for others as they discover their unique talents and then apply those strengths to the creative work that makes their heart sing. She use a joyful, intuitive, and innovative approach that invites people to move beyond societal labels and self-imposed limits so that they can become powerful, expressive storytellers in their personal and business lives.

With over 15 years of professional writing experience and an MFA from New School in Creative Writing, she published original pieces in national publications such as Family Circle and Latina, online venues such as Modern Creative Life, Andrea Scher’s Cultivating Courage, MediaBistro, Dirty Footprints Studio, Wild Sister, and physical spaces such as the Library of Congress. As the former creativity columnist for Sprout magazine, she has 15 years art-making experience. You can purchase her original prints at Natasha Reilly Studio on Etsy.

Using her skills in entrepreneurial business ventures ranging from hand-making cards and journals to jobs held in both the corporate and nonprofit arenas of marketing and business development. She has been a teacher in the online collaborative art journaling extravaganza 21 Secrets and 21 Secrets Live!, WildWomen and Hali Karla’s Spectrum. Her original photography was featured in the Into the Deep Photography Show curated by photographer Catherine Just.

Natasha just finished work on Gather, a feature film, and The Gathering Project: Ideas and Inspiration for Local Creative Communities with writer, film director and producer, Jen Lee. In February she will be a part of Love Letters from Trailmakers created by Jamie Ridler and Meghan Genge.